At times, there may be cases that your connected Xero file to ezyCollect stops syncing. This means that the data you are seeing in ezyCollect is no longer up-to-date.

To resolve this issue and sync your Xero file again, you will be required to re-authenticate your Xero file that is connected to your ezyCollect account.

How to resolve [Step by step guideline]:

  1. Open an incognito or private window* on your browser (*we recommend icognito or private window so that it doesn't remember your old settings)

  2. Log into your ezyCollect account by going to and click Login.

  3. Once logged in, from the upper right hand corner hover your mouse on the 'Last Sync' button (this will also show when your file last synced) and click Authenticate button.

4. You will be directed to Xero login page. Login with your Xero credentials (not ezyCollect login details). Important Note: Xero user must have an advisor level access to re-authenticate the file.

5. Click 'Allow Access' button to complete the re-authentication process.

6. Once you have re-authenticated your Xero account, go back to your ezyCollect file. Hover your mouse on the Last Sync button then click the Sync Now button. The sync can take a few minutes (or longer) depending how big your file is.

Short Video Guideline


If you get stuck in the re-authentication process or need help from our team, please contact us below:


Phone: 1300 780 524

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