When you create a new invoice in your accounting software, you will have the ability to automatically send it from your ezyCollect account. 

A few things to note: 

  • New invoices that are created will reflect in ezyCollect on the next automatic sync. Alternatively, you can trigger a manual sync to ensure they come across immediately. To learn how to sync manually, click here

  • New Invoice Emails are sent daily; so if you generate any invoices before your communication this will be sent on that day. Any invoice/s generated after that will be sent the following day. Past invoices cannot be resent through this automation. 

  • If you create multiple invoices for the same debtor, only one email will be sent with the invoices linked in the email. 

  • Invoices are attached to the email via links at the bottom of the email body. Customers can click on the link/s to download the invoice/s. 

  • New Invoice Emails will be sent during your selected communication time. 

  • If your organization is on Pause, New Invoice email will not be sent.

  • By default, attaching New Invoices is ticked. 

How to activate the New Invoice Email: 

  1. Login to your ezyCollect account 

  2. Go to Settings then Communication Rules 

  3. In the New Invoice, click View and Edit 

  4. You can choose to attach New Invoices (or not) 

  5. Make the necessary changes - as usual we have provided an email template that you can use, but you can easily personalise this. 

  6. You can add or remove the merge field <<New Invoice Table>> to give details & summary of new invoices sent. 

  7. Click Save and Enable and confirm by clicking Proceed. 

You also have the option to send New Invoice email/s:

  • to customers that are Paused and Excluded. To include them in the New Invoice email/s, simply tick the button as shown below if you want to send the email to Paused and Excluded Customers. 

  • to attach copy of Invoices* or not (*Invoices are attached as links only.)

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