What is a Pre-Reminder? 

Proactively chasing payment is key to getting paid on time. ezyCollect's pre-reminders make it easy for you to alert your customers that payment is due soon, giving them a friendly prompt to pay on time...or earlier!

The pre-reminder email becomes your first reminder in the communication workflow to debtors. Now your automated workflow to debtors can look like this:

How to Activate and Personalise the Pre-Reminders:

  1. Login to your ezyCollect Account.

  2. Go to Settings on the left hand menu then click Communication Rules.

  3. Click Edit and Enable.

  4. You can schedule this communication by inputting the number of days before the invoice due date. 

  5. You can choose to include paused and excluded customers from receiving the pre-reminders emails. 

  6. You also have the option to Attach Invoices* (or not). *Invoices are attached as links only. 

  7. Customise the email template as per your requirements. 

  8. You can add or remove the merge field <<Pre Reminder Invoice Table>> to provide details of your invoices. 

  9. Click Save & Enable and it will ask you to reconfirm so simply click Proceed

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