Simplypaid follows rules and regulations as to how the payment facility is setup such as rates and fees, surcharging or absorbing fees, terms and conditions and transaction limits.

In cases when the invoices generated exceed the declared single-payment transaction amount during application, payers are forced to do multiple transactions for a single invoice. It is highly recommended to increase your limit to avoid this especially if this occurrence is expected to be more common. Lesser transactions means fewer fees and better convenience to your payers.

Transaction Limit shown on One-off Payment Page (HPP):

Transaction Limit shown on Integrated Payment Page (via ezyCollect):

Easy steps to request limit increase:
1.) Prepare PDF copies of at least three (3) invoices with amounts higher than current limit (preferably near to the new requested limit).
2.) Send these copies to with a letter of intent from the authorized person (usually the director/owner)

*In some cases, customers are required to directly send the request to your payment facility partner.

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