ezyCollect's online payments portal is your one step solution to get paid faster. When integrated to ezyCollect + your accounting/ERP software you get multitude of features.

Simply get paid faster: 

  • A branded online checkout that requires no touch from you and is open 24/7 to your customers 
  • In Simplypaid, your customers can view and pay multiple invoices in one simple transaction; make full or part-pay and one-off payments (and you get paid more!)
  • Pay Now button in your Invoices, Sales Orders, Email reminders and ezyCollect Statements 
  • Simplypaid accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. 
  • You can choose to surcharge the fees at checkout, or absorb all or part of the fees.
  • Your customer/debtor can send queries about your invoice/s when making payments 

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Sample one-off payment page:

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