Just as ezyCollect plays a key role in your cash management plan, so can online payments. The way we’ve got it setup, offering online payments to your customers kicks up your customer service another notch.

The fact is, every customer wants a seamless payments experience. And because online payments speed up your collections cycle and saves you time, you’re winning, too.

Integrated online payments and reminders

With our online payments service, your business will get:

  • Clickable Pay Now buttons to add to your reminders and MYOB Exo invoices.

  • A customer portal where your customers can see and manage all invoices owed to you, and even lodge queries.

  • A secure payment gateway to accept credit card payments online.

  • The ability to auto surcharge credit card transaction fees.

  • Payment write-backs so any online payments received are automatically allocated to invoices in MYOB Exo.

Ultra convenient for your customers

Without online payments your customers may still have to step their way through a sometimes inconvenient process of getting the money to you.

Presented with Pay Now buttons on invoices (your EXO Clarity report) and reminders, your customers have the immediate opportunity to click and pay with a credit card.

Not only that, but ezyCollect’s online payments solution is configured to its automated invoice reminders. This means that directly via your invoices and payment reminders, your customers can see all of their open invoices in your branded payment portal and they can select to pay more than one invoice at a time.

The good news for your customers is there are no fiddly logins required. It’s one click access to pay.

Imagine all of your unpaid invoices paid at once. Simply because you made it easy to settle the account.

Transaction & Credit Card Fees

You simply pay a low credit card transaction fee per transaction. You can even surcharge the fee to your customers.

This way, collecting money online costs your business nothing. You get paid even faster and your customers appreciate the convenience you offer. 

This is also supercharged with the ability to write-back credit card payments done via Simplypaid in your MYOB Exonet and allocating them automatically. Want to learn how this works? Check out our payments write-back or auto-allocation to EXO!

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