Pay by Instalment is a functionality within your Simplypaid and customer portal page giving your customers the option to pay in 10 weekly payment options. This means that your debtors are presented with the option to extend their accounts payable, while paying you on time. You can read all the details here regarding Pay by Instalments.

The visible prompt on your invoices and reminders gives your customers the early option to access cash in order to pay you. 

Adding the <<Pay by Instalments>> merge field to your ezyCollect communications has never been easier.

  1. Login to your ezyCollect account 

  2. Go to the communication workflow and click Edit 

  3. Search for the merge field <<Pay by Instalments>>

  4. Simply drag and drop the merge field to the location where you want the button to appear 

  5. Click Preview to check your email format. 

  6. Click Save & Enable to finalise the step.  

*Remember you can have this 'Pay by Instalments' button activated in your new invoice, pre-reminders, email follow-ups and monthly statement templates

If you would like to add the 'Pay by Instalments' button or link in your accounting or ERP invoice/s, please contact us and one of our team members will be happy to assist. 

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