Getting paid via ezyCollect Payments is an easy way for debtors to pay, but creating entries and allocating funds for the payments each day back to your ERP/accounting system can be a tedious task. 

Whether you are sending your Pay Now link with your ezyCollect reminders, sales orders or invoices from MYOB Advanced,  when a customer pays via Simplypaid using their credit card, this will automatically be marked as 'Allocated' on MYOB Advanced saving you time each day on allocating payments. 

How does it work?
Let's take this debtor as an example - they have an open invoice number 001562

This invoice will be opened in ezyCollect after the sync. You can then send your customer an ezyCollect reminder with the Simplypaid "Pay Now" button to click.

The open invoice/s will show and your customer/debtor can select to make payment.

Now, your debtor enters their credit card details into the Simplypaid page.

Payment has been completed via Simplypaid page:

And voila! The payment was created and automatically allocated to the invoice! Note: 'Currently Allocated' means that the invoice is closed (paid in full)

When you click sync in ezyCollect and after its completion, these paid and allocated invoices will no longer be visible in ezyCollect.

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