Company credit scores, payment behaviours or business circumstances are constantly changing and being updated whether that's positive or negative; and it is important to keep track and get alerts on certain changes.

Alerts are displayed in the notification center (found on the upper right hand corner with a little bell) when you are logged in your ezyCollect account. You will need to have monitoring enabled in your account and have selected and added your debtors to monitoring. 

ezyCollect Credit Monitoring allows you to get 'real time' alerts for adverse credit events that include the following. 

  • Collection Notification - Positive, Neutral, Negative 
  • Court Action Notification - Positive, Neutral, Negative 
  • Director's Change - notification of changes 
  • Financial Change - notification of changes 
  • Public Filing Notification - Positive, Neutral, Negative 
  • Status Change - Positive, Neutral, Negative 
  • Score Change - Positive, Neutral, Negative 
  • Shareholder Change - notification of changes 

Alerts that you receive on credit monitoring will notify you of a 'change' and if you require specific details on this, you can purchase a credit report for a fee of $45+GST per request. 

Learn how to add your debtors/customer to credit monitoring 

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