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Enabling and Adding your Customers to Monitoring & Status
Enabling and Adding your Customers to Monitoring & Status

How to add your customers/debtors to credit monitoring and different monitoring status

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When ezyCollect Credit Monitoring is enabled (during trial stage or when you purchase a plan) in your account, you'll be able to add a number* of customers to actively monitor them. 

*Number of customers that can be added to your monitoring will be subject to your selected plan

How to add your customers to monitoring? 

  1. Login to your ezyCollect

  2. Ensure that you have Credit Monitoring enabled in your account 

  3. Go to your Customers Page and choose the customer that has Business Number (ABN or NZBN). Once you hover your mouse on the Business Number, you will be able to Add to Monitoring. 

For Customers  that are classified under the Watch and Monitor Risk Group, you will also have another option to Add to Monitoring. 

What are the different Monitoring Statuses?

  1. Monitored - successfully added to monitoring

  2. Processing - the system has received your request for monitoring and currently processing whether it can be monitored or not. If the status does not update to either Monitored or Failed, please refresh your screen.

  3. Failed - there was some issue adding your customer to monitoring. Please check the business number (ABN or NZBN) to ensure that you have entered the correct one and try adding to monitoring again.

  4. Not Monitored - not currently added to credit monitoring

Your plan will indicate your current usage and plan available. 

*Minimum purchase of 50 monitoring is required to go on a plan

Sample screenshot to indicate your plan below:

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