Your debtors can view and download invoices from your own Simplypaid. 

Your payment portal via Simplypaid now becomes a go-to-place for debtors to consider and complete payment of your invoices. With the option to view and download invoices, pay now via credit card or pay in instalments, your debtors have everything then need in one place. 

How does it work? 

Add the Pay Now button using the merge field <<Pay Now>> on all your ezyCollect emails to debtors opens into Simplypaid for an extended view of all open invoices.

Let your customers know that they can also View / Download Invoices by clicking on the Pay Now button. 

Sample template email with Pay Now button to pay by Credit card and advising that you can also view and download open invoices. 

Once your debtor clicks on the Pay Now, any open invoices will be presented. 

From your ezyCollect file, go to a specific customer and you can click on the Accept Payment button

Things to note: 

  • PDF attachments will remain unchanged, but attached links will be replaced with a button that will go to Simplypaid page. 

  • Invoice templates that are viewable and downloadable in Simplypaid will be the ones configured either from your Accounting software via API or ezyCollect invoice template. If you are unsure on the invoice template, you can check in your ezyCollect file. 

  • Use this feature in your automated monthly client statement to be able to present open invoices to your customers/debtors. 

  • This new feature is accessible via desktop or mobile .

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