This is your customer's unique Simplypaid page where it's fully branded with your own logo and company name. 

The Invoices page is the default and the first tab in Simplypaid. This page will display all open and overdue invoices. Your customer/debtor can:

Note: if there are no open invoice/s, the the one-off payments page (see below) will be displayed as the default page. 

The second tab is the One-off Payments Page. This allows your customers/debtor to pay for example a lump sum and/or make a deposit payment

Your customer/debtor will need to provide information such as payment amountand the transaction it relates to such as invoice nos., sales orders or contracts. 

The third tab is the Payment History where you and your customers/debtors can view all payments made via Simplypaid. You and your customer can also view and print receipt of previous payments. 

The fourth tab is the Statements page. This is where you and your customers/debtors can view history of statements sent (since this new version is released 05/05/2020). Your customer/debtor can also view and download statements in this page. 

Additionally, the message icon box captioned "Have a question about your payments?" can be used by your customers should they feel necessary to contact you for queries. These messages are recorded as an activity in your ezyCollect account.

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