After enabling activity write-back on ezyCollect, the following steps needs to be done on NetSuite in order for ezyCollect to automatically write-back activity history into your NetSuite:

1. On the menu, select Setup > Company > Enable Features
2. Select 'SuiteCloud'

3. Scroll down, and in the SuiteTalk (Web Services) section, enable REST Web Services and REST Record Services BETA. This will trigger a Terms & Conditions pop-up which from NetSuite which you will have to agree to. (Updated 30 Oct 2020)

4. After agreeing to the NetSuite Terms & Conditions, save the settings.
5. Next, we will need to add the extra permissions to the ezyCollect role. On the menu, navigate to Setup > User/Roles > Manage Roles
6. Look for the ezyCollect / TBAezycollect role and click 'Edit'

7. In the Permissions tab, select the 'Lists' sub-tab and add 'Notes Tab' with Full level access 

8. In the same tab, select the 'Setup' sub-tab and add 'REST Web Services' with Full level access

9. Once the permissions are added to the role, proceed to save the changes at the bottom.
10. That's it! ezyCollect will now automatically write-back all activity history to NetSuite.

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