Enabling Activity Write-Back in ezyCollect:

Please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your ezCollect account
2. In the sidebar, under Settings click Configurations

2. After opening the configuration page, look for Activity Write-back

3. Click on Edit.
4. Select 'Enabled'

5. Hit save!

Important Note: If ezyCollect was installed prior to 20th of May 2020, you will also have to setup the required permissions and enable REST API on Netsuite. The following guide can be found here.

What will be written back to NetSuite from ezyCollect?

1. All activity recorded in ezyCollect’s “Activity History” will automatically be written back to NetSuite within the User Notes section in a Customer page. Navigation:
- Information --> User Notes (NetSuite)

- Communication --> User Notes (JCurve)

This includes both automated communications as well as all manual communications.

a. If the sync is not enabled, any activity logged during this time will not be written back to NetSuite until turned back on.

b. It will not sync historical information when first switched on.

c. Notes sync every 30-60 seconds independent of invoice automatic sync times.

d. All activities recorded:

  • 1st to 6th Reminder follow ups,

  • Email confirming call

  • Demand Letter

  • Debt Collector

  • Monthly Client Statement

  • Invoice copy

  • Manually added communication

  • On-demand email

  • Thank you email

  • Error email (bounce back)

  • Pre-reminder notification

  • New invoice notification

  • Invoice inclusion

  • Customer status change

  • Message from Simplypaid portal (from your debtors) if enabled

  • Manual note

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