This will guide you to set up SimplyPaid on your Xero invoices and enabling payment write back.

After logging in to your Xero Account.

1. On the main menu, click on the organization (where you want to set this up) and navigate to settings

2. Select Payment Settings

3. Add ‘Other Available Payment Services’

4. Select 'Custom Payment URL'

5. Add the properties accordingly and hit save:

Name: SimplyPaid

Your custom URL**: custom URL is provided by the Simplypaid team during on-boarding or upon request via

Pay now text: Pay Now

6. Go back to settings page and select Invoice Settings

7. On the top right of the invoice template the customer wants to use SimplyPaid for, click Options and then Edit.

8. In branding theme settings, under Payment Services, select SimplyPaid and click Save.

9. All done.


In some cases where you are using a custom Xero template, then please follow the guideline below.

How to add 'Pay Now' button on custom Xero template(s)

1. Go to settings.

2. Go to invoice settings.

3. Go to the custom template on which you want to put the pay now link and click download the files for this template.

4. A zip file will be downloaded. Unzip this file and and open the invoice template in a Word Document.

5. On your template, click where you want to insert the field.

6. Select the Insert tab.

7. Select Quick Parts, then Field.

8. In Field names, select MergeField.

9. In the Field name section, enter the name of the field as shown in the highlighted part below.

10. Click OK.

11. A merge filed "«PaymentMessageAndUrl»" will be inserted automatically at the location of the cursor.

12. Save the word document.

13. Go to the custom template in Xero again and upload the template back using the upload option.

14. Browse to the invoice template which you have updated with the link and click upload.

15. Verify the link by printing an invoice from Xero which uses the custom template.

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