[Released on 28/05/2020}

If you have Simplypaid active in your ezyCollect account, you can enable the payments write-back functionality to ensure that payments made through your automated or manual reminders from ezyCollect+Simplypaid will be automatically allocated to relevant Xero invoices.

To enable the Xero payment write-back feature, follow the steps below:

1. Login to your ezyCollect account where you have Simplypaid activated.

2. In the sidebar, under Settings select Payment Settings.

3. In the Payment Settings page, Click edit to the Payment Write-back setting.

3. Toggle to enable and enter your bank and revenue account code from Xero.

Please follow this guideline if you need more information on how to look for your bank and revenue account codes in Xero.

4. Hit save and you're done!

Want to configure the 'Pay Now' button on your Xero invoices to redirect your debtors to Simplypaid? Simply follow this guideline or contact our Simplypaid team via our online chat or email at simplypaid@ezycollect.com.au and one of our friendly team members will get in touch with you to assist with the setup.

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