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Credit Report

Access and purchase simple credit report as you need it

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Do you want to get further information on your new (or existing) customer's company information? Then you can request and/or purchase the Credit Report.

What is Credit Report?

The Credit Report is a report provided by illion (this is the Commercial Bureau report) and can be requested* and/or purchased** from ezyCollect. This report is available for Australian and New Zealand businesses only.

This report will include business details such as:

Note: If you would like more details like Late Payment Risk Analysis or would like to request a credit report for a New Zealand business, then please refer to and purchase the Comprehensive Credit Report.

What is the price for credit report?

  1. If you have are a current subscriber to our Credit Insights plan, you will have access to a number basic credit reports included in your plan. Please login to your ezyCollect account and check your Credit Insights - My Plan . You can also have a quick overview of how many basic credit reports available to you and your usage. [Side note: PPSR is not included in any plan - you will have to purchase this if you wish, see no. 3 for more details]

2. If you have used all your allocated basic credit reports during your monthly plan, you can purchase additional Credit Report for $6.00*+GST per report.

3. You have the option to add PPSR* to the Basic Credit Report for additional $4.00*+GST per request.

*Prices have been updated effective 8th April 2024

The sample screenshot below will be displayed if you want to purchase PPSR.

How to access, request and/or purchase the Credit Report?

  1. Login to your ezyCollect account

  2. You will need to have Credit Insights enabled in your account.

  3. From the left menu, go to Credit Application - Scores and Reports.

  4. Select the country of the Business you would like to check (Australia or New Zealand)

  5. Request for a Credit Score and/or check the Credit Score Request History and select the customer name of the business you want to request the report for. You will see the option of Reports Available next to the Credit Scores.

  • You can choose to add the PPSR for an additional cost. Click Request to continue

5. The Credit Report will be delivered to your user email address registered in ezyCollect used at the time of request or purchase.

Video Guidelines below:

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