What does System Currently:  Paused and Active in ezyCollect mean? 

Paused - when you first sync your accounting data to ezyCollect, the default setting will be Paused. This means that no automated or manual reminders manual will be sent to your customers. 

Active - if ezyCollect's System Status is Active, this means that any enabled automated reminders will be sent during your communications time and you as a user are able to send manual reminders as well. 

If you wish to change the system status, simply follow these easy steps. 

  1. Click the System Status button in the top right corner. In the demonstration below, the system is currently active.

  2.  From the System Status box, click the Actions drop down menu and make your selection.

  • When you select Pause, the resume date is default to the next day. You can change this to your desired date and the system will automatically Activate on the selected date. 

  • When select Activate, this will be processed immediately and will activate the account a few minutes later. 

3. Click the Save button to confirm your system status.

Note: Pausing your ezyCollect account is a good feature for holiday breaks, weekends, or account setup. Pausing your account doesn't interfere with syncing to your accounting software. 

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