Unsure how to complete a call in ezyCollect? Read through the easy steps on how to complete a call below:

  1. Go to "Your Task" bar at the left hand side menu

  2. Once you have chosen the client in your calls to be made list and ready to make the call, click on the "phone icon" beside your customers name and that should lead you to a notepad

  3. Type in the reason for the call or the outcome of the call in the notepad and click "save".

  4. Once you click "save" the system will direct you to a "call confirmation email template" (this feature must be enabled) which will allow you to send an email confirming the recap of whatever you have agreed and discussed over the phone

  5. Click "send" in the email template and that email will be saved in your customers communication history 

Step 1: Go to your task bar and click on the complete customer call button

Step 2: Type in the details of the call in the note pad and click save to save as a call note

Step 3: Send a confirmation email that will carry details of what was discussed and agreed over the phone. This will be saved as a call confirmation email in your client's account in ezyCollect

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