You can continue the collection process after your customers have gone through the whole workflow or perhaps you have certain customers that are still not paying you regardless of how many follow-ups done.

We have integrated services provided by third party debt collection companies so that you can easily go to the next steps.

Letter of Demand

The charge for the letter is AUD$49.00+GST. The letter provides the debtor with seven days to make the payment and is issued by the third party debt collection with their own letterhead.

If the payment is received by your office within seven days, our debt collection partners wont charge any commission. 

Our debt collection partners will contact* you after the demand letter has expired to seek your instructions to proceed with debt collection. You should consider proceeding to debt collection if your debtor has not paid or been in contact. .

*The debt collection partner will contact you after this has expired unless you already agreed to proceed with the debt collection process when debt isn't paid within 7 days.

Debt collection

Problem customers can be sent straight to debt collection and our debt collection partner will enact a series of strategies to contact your debtor to recover the money: send a demand letter, emails, SMS, phone calls.

The commission rate is starting from 25 percent on collected (inclusive of all demand letters, phone calls, negotiations, basic location searches, monitoring of payments etc). 

How to escalate your customer to a third part debt collector

  1. Login to your ezyCollect account.

  2. Click Customers from the left menu.

  3. Select the customer to send to debt collector by clicking into the tick box next to their name.

  4. If they are on the Debt Collector Stage, simply click the Send to Debt Collector button. You can confirm this action in the pop-up window that appears by clicking the Send to Debt Collector button.

  5. Alternatively, you can click the Communication Actions drop down menu and  select  Send to Debt Collector. You will be asked to confirm this action in the pop-up box that appears.

Once you have taken these steps, all debtor communications history, open invoices and notes will automatically be sent to your nominated debt collector and the customer status will change to Exclude automatically. 

Important Notes:

  • We partnered with ARMA Group and Milton Graham as our recommend debt collection agencies (services available in Australia and New Zealand only)

  • If you would like to use a different debt collection agency or your own internal team, you are able to do so. Just send us an email at with the title "My Own Debt Collection Agency" and provide us with an email address of your debt collection agency partner.

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