Online credit card payments accepted via ezyCollect’s payment portal are automatically allocated to invoices and sales orders in MYOB Advanced.

With ezyCollect’s online payment portal, you can add a Pay Now button to your digital sales orders, invoices and ezyCollect’s automated reminders. Your communications get an instant upgrade with this seamless opportunity for customers to click and pay immediately.

How does it work (invoice payments and write-back)?

Invoice Payments

This invoice will be opened in ezyCollect after the sync. You can then send your customer an ezyCollect reminder with the Simplypaid "Pay Now" button to click.

The open invoice/s will show and your customer/debtor can select to make payment.

Inside ezyCollect payment portal (Simplypaid), your customers can view all of their open invoices, and pay multiple invoices in full or in part.

Below, you can see that our example customer has four open invoices and is paying two invoices in full, and making a partial payment on one invoice.

From there, your customers complete a simple online checkout process to pay immediately with a credit card.

Once a credit card payment has been approved (this usually takes just seconds), you’ll be able to see the payment allocated in MYOB Advanced.

  1. Go to Receivables in your left hand menu

  2. Click on Payments and Applications

  3. The latest payments are listed chronologically

You can see the payment we completed in the example above is at the top of the list and is marked as Closed:

To see the details of this payment, simply click Reference Nbr.

In our example, you can see a listing for each of the three invoices that were paid, including the balance of each:

For further detail on each invoice, click Reference Nbr. An invoice that is paid in full is marked as ‘Closed’. An invoice’s status is ‘Open’ if there is a balance remaining.

You’ll see that our example invoice 001168 is now closed as it was paid in full.

When you click sync in ezyCollect (or after your automated sync) and after its completion, these paid and allocated invoices will no longer be visible in ezyCollect.

Sales Orders that have been paid by your customer carry the status ‘Pre Payment’. The subsequent invoice will automatically have the payment allocated to it.

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