This guide will show you how to process payments for your customers calling in or even sending instructions via email or SMS.

1) Login to your ezyCollect file.

2) On the left-hand menu panel, you may choose to search for the customer using the 'Search Box' or find the customer on the Customers page:

3) Once the customer has been identified, there are ready buttons you can click to access their unique customer portal (Simplypaid):

a.) Via the small circle (money icon) beside the customer name on the customer list page - when the cursor is hovered on it, it will display "Accept Payment":

b.) When you click into the customer profile, there is also an "Accept Payment" button on the top-right section of the page:

Please note that the unique customer portal (Simplypaid) is the same page your customers see when they click on the "Pay Now" buttons on their ezyCollect email reminders.

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