You can send email communications from your JCurve or Netsuite with a "Pay Now" button that directs your customers to the Simplypaid online payment page.

Additionally, invoice payments done through this method are automatically written back to your JCurve / NetSuite and is marked as "Paid in Full".

Here are the following Pay Now functions you can use within JCurve and/or NetSuite:

1.) "Pay Now" button on NetSuite user interface

  • This is found on the invoice and/or sales order interface

  • You can use this to accept payments over the phone

2.) "Pay Now" buttons on email templates

  • This set-up as the default template during implementation for the "Send Email" button on your JCurve / NetSuite interface - see (a)

  • You can also manually select the Simplypaid email template - see (b)



Important: Simplypaid's implementation on JCurve / Netsuite is on an invoice-level only. For multiple invoice (customer-level), an advanced integration with ezyCollect is required.

For a more comprehensive reference, you can watch this video demo:

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