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Configure your online Credit Application Form
Configure your online Credit Application Form

Set-up your online credit application form template

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How to set up and configure your online Credit Application Form

1.) Login to your ezyCollect file.

2.) From the left hand menu, click on Credit Applications. Then click on Configure Now button to start the process.

There are 7 key parts of the Credit application that you need to set-up and configure before you can send this to your prospects or customers looking to apply for credit.

Important Note: Only ezyCollect manager users can configure and edit the Credit Application template.

3) To start the process on configuring the Form, complete the following details.

a) Your Branding (Logo)

  • logo - you can upload .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG with maximum size of 50kb

b) Your Company Name

c) Your Contact Info (number or email address to be used for your applicant when they need help)

d) Terms and Conditions

e) Privacy Policy

f) Introduction Text

  • you can give your prospects/customers some context on what the form is form and perhaps what is required to complete the application.

g) Director’s Guarantee

  • This can be configured as mandatory field or not.

  • Note: Only after uploading the Director Guarantee document does the system display the option to choose whether the field should be mandatory or not.

  • You must provide this document to upload.

You may also choose a background color and the text color for the form header.

4) Click Save to save all changes made to this configuration.

When saving this configuration, the system will generate the form link and the you will be able to access the form by:

  • the link shown on the page - it’s shown once, right after generating the form.

  • the ‘Share Application Form Link’ - always visible on this page.

This online credit application form is unique to your ezyCollect file that is tied to your business entity.

You can also view of a sample online credit Application form here:

You can copy the link and paste to your browser to see what your prospect or client will see.

To edit your credit application form template:

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file.

  2. From the menu, click on Credit Applications.

  3. Click on the Credit Application Settings. This will take you to the same steps as configuring your online Credit Application form.

Note: Only manager users can configure the CA form template.

You can edit the form settings anytime. All changes will be reflected on the CA form, which means if your customer opens a CA form, they will see the changes.

The changes will not affect a CA form that is already being filled by the customer.

Quick Video Guideline:

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