How to setup and enable 2 factor authentication?

  1. Login to your ezyCollect account.

  2. From the Settings, go to User page.

3. Click Edit on the User that you want to make changes.

Select the country code that is applicable for the user and enter the correct mobile number. Then click the Enable button.

4. Check your mobile number for a text message with the security code. Enter the security code as it appears in your mobile phone in the Authorisation Code section and click the Authorise button.

If it fails, you can click on the Resend Authorisation Code link to get a new one.

5. Once, 2FA is enable you should be able to see this (see screenshot below). Once done, click Save User . You have successfully added 2FA in your ezyCollect user access.

Important Notes

  • When logging in, you will be prompted to enter the Authorisation code as well as your username and password. All of these details must be correct to be able to login successful.

  • Please note no changes in username and email address allowed after enabling the 2FA.

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