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Credit Management - Credit Application
Credit Management - Credit Application

what is an online credit application and how will it help you onboard your new prospects/customers

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What is Credit Application?

ezyCollect's new Online Credit Application aims to eliminate paper-based application forms and streamline business processes for applying for credit.

  • Eliminates illegible handwriting and blank fields, reducing the time it takes to approve an application. Process and approve applications in minutes.

  • Automated decision, real-time credit risk scores (available in AUS only at this time) enables you to make an immediate credit decision with more confidence

  • Easily manage the approval and rejection process through the dashboard

  • Trade reference checks, credit scores, ID documents, director details all in one easy to access spot

  • Enhanced customer experience - easier to buy from you and a shortened sales cycle

  • Streamlined and enhanced credit management processes to reduce staff frustration

How can you set-up and configure online Credit Application form?

We have designed this online credit application form to be simple and both easy to use for you as a supplier and for your prospect/customer as they go through the steps. You can customise with your own branding (logo and color) and you will need to upload a copy of your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Learn how to configure your online credit application form here. You can also see a sample of an online credit application form template here.

How can you send this new online credit application form to my prospects and/or customers looking to apply for business credit?

How can you process some or all of the online credit application forms that I have received?

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