Offer the option to your customers to pay via Bank Transfer through ezyCollect/Simplypaid

Requirements to enable this:

What is required from you (ezyCollect client) to get started with this?

  • Completed and approved IntegraPay application form with Bank Transfer / Direct Debit enabled

  • Settings configured and enabled in your ezyCollect account by the Simplypaid team

How does it work?

What will your customers see and experience from their end?

  1. Once enabled, there will be 3 options that will be presented by default (from left to right):

  • Bank Transfer

  • Pay by Instalments via Cloudfloat (optional and can be turned off)

  • Pay Now with Credit Card

2. When your customer choose and click "Bank Transfer", it will direct them to an online authorization form (sample only below - this page should reflect your own branding not ezyCollect's logo):

NOTE: In terms of bank details validation, Payrix will be validating the BSB to ensure that the BSB is valid. For bank account number, validation is only to ensure that the number of digits is valid but not if the account number is valid for that BSB.

3. Your customers will then need to complete all requested information on this online form which will then prompt them to review and confirm:

4. Once done, your customers will be re-directed back to the Simplypaid payment confirmation page:

Important Notes once payments are done:

  • Invoice/s paid for will be temporarily dropped from the invoice list in Simplypaid until successfully cleared and settled by IntegraPay (will take approximately 2-3 days). A record for this payment will be created in the transaction history tab.

  • You will also receive an instant receipt from IntegraPay to your nominated email address.

What happens for successful payments?

Once the payment has been verified by IntegraPay as successful and settled the funds to your nominated bank account

  • This will be included in the settlement report provided by IntegraPay.

  • Payments will be written-back/allocated to relevant invoices in your accounting/ERP software. This only applies for MYOB EXO, Advanced, NetSuite, JCurve and Xero users with payment write back enabled.

  • This will close off those invoices and once it syncs to ezyCollect and the invoices will no longer appear in your ezyCollect file.

What happens for failed or unsuccessful payments?

If the payment fails or is unsuccessful (sample reasons: invalid bank account, insufficient funds, etc) the invoice will reappear in the invoice list in Simplypaid. On the transaction history page, the created payment record will be marked as unsuccessful.

You will need to ask your customers to make payment again or let ezyCollect automated reminder chase those invoices again for you.

Your customer will also receive this Failure Payment email if their bank transfer payment failed and the ability to make another payment using the Pay Now button or payment link.

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