The Sage 300 Payment Writeback feature helps automatically allocate your payments (credit card and bank transfers) through Simplypaid to your Sage 300 account. This significantly cuts the downtime and effort required from manual allocation.

What versions of Sage 300 are supported?

The payment writeback works with versions 2020 and 2021 of Sage 300 and above.

Can Pay Now button be included within the Sage 300 invoice?

Currently there is no pre-packaged capability available in Sage 300 to add components on the invoice. The invoice has to be replicated and designed using the designer in ezyCollect to add a Pay Now button. Once this is done, clicking the Pay Now button will redirect your customers to Simplypaid and the rest is a breeze.

How does it work?

Inside Simplypaid, your customers can view all of their open invoices, and pay multiple invoices in full or in part.

Full Payment

Below, you can see that our example customer has five open invoices and is choosing to pay the last one in full.

From there, this customer completes a simple online checkout process to pay immediately with a credit card.

Once a credit card payment has been approved (this usually takes just seconds), you’ll be able to see the payment allocated in Sage 300.

  1. A/R Transactions ⇒ Receipt Batch List (to find incoming payment)

  2. A/R Transactions ⇒ Document Inquiry (to find the exact invoice)

This invoice should be marked as “Fully Paid” and the invoice status in Sage changes to closed. As it’s closed, it will no longer be shown in the customer documents tab in Sage (A/R Customers > Customer list > Select Customer > Tab Documents). This Invoice will also 'drop' from ezyCollect upon syncing and will no longer show in the UI.

Partial Payment

After a partial payment with a credit card has been made, a payment record is created and the invoice will reflect the new balance. Upon syncing, the new balance will also show in your ezyCollect UI.

In the example below, the balance of $10 can be seen in both Sage and ezyCollect.


After an overpayment with a credit card has been made, the invoice will be marked as Fully Paid. It will no longer show in Sage nor ezyCollect UI upon syncing. Instead, a receipt for the unapplied amount will be created in both Sage and ezyCollect UI.

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