Simple guideline on how to pay your invoice/s using your unique ezyCollect/Simplypaid page:

How to pay your invoices, statements online via clicking on the Pay Now button

  1. Please refer to the email you received from your supplier.

  2. Click on the Pay Now button in the email to pay via Credit Card.

  3. You will be directed to your own unique ezyCollect/Simplypaid payment page.

    1. You can view, download invoices

    2. Select one or multiple invoice/s that you want to pay by toggling the switch.

    3. Your can choose to pay invoice/s fully or partially.

  4. Total Amount to be paid will show, click on Pay Now

  5. You will be directed to the Credit Card details (kindly input your card information). If there are any transaction or credit card fees, they will be displayed in the screen.

  6. Once payment is successful, a copy of your receipt will be sent to your nominated email address.

Other features

  • One-off Payments page [second tab] allows you to make a lump sum and/or make a deposit payment. You will need to provide information such as transaction relating to - i.e, sales orders, quotes or invoices and the payment amount.

  • Payment History [third tab] - allows you to view all your payments made via Simplypaid only. You can print and view the receipt as well.

  • Contact your supplier for any questions regarding your invoices or payments by using this message icon

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