In order to use Collect Now, you must firstly acquire the Direct Debit Authority from your customer(s). You have an option to send the Electronic Direct Debit Request (EDDR) form directly from ezyCollect.

‘Request Authority Now’ envelope icon

The easiest way to request for your customer's Direct Debit Authority (DDA) is via the Customer Tab.

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file.

  2. Click the Customer Tab and next to the Customer, click the orange envelope icon.

    By clicking the icon, you're redirected to the email page with the EDDR template loaded by default. You can amend the existing template or choose to upload your own. (note: You can apply the Direct Debit Form merge field onto any email template).

  3. Click the Preview button to see what the email looks like before you hit Send.

    When your customers receive this email and click on "Setup Direct Debit", they're taken directly to the Payrix EDDR form:

    Upon filling and submitting the form, your customer's DDA status is updated in ezyCollect, while their contact and payment details are saved in Payrix.

Direct Debit Authority button on Simplypaid

In addition, the same button is made available on your Simplypaid page. Whenever a customer clicks on the "Pay Now" button on their Invoice / email and lands up on Simplypaid to make a payment, they will get this option to invoke, fill and submit the EDDR form.

Upon successful submission, the customer's DDA status changes to "acquired" and will reflect in ezyCollect. Their contact and payments details are securely stored in Payrix.

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