What is Collect Now On-Demand (without eDDA)?

There are instances where a customer may call you and they will provide their credit card / bank account details verbally to authorise you to take payments. These are often on-demand transactions without you having to acquire their direct debit authority.

The "Collect Now" button is now available for all clients irrespective of the ERPs or Accounting Systems that they use, or the payment Merchant Provider that powers their payments.

What are the benefits of this capability?

  1. A single payment platform for the clients to manage over the call payments

  2. Ability to process more payments without needing a direct debit authority

  3. Supports payment of Sales Orders*
    *Please contact your Customer Success Manager to check on Payment Write-Back functionality.

What are the limitations of this capability?

Does not support partial payments.

How Does it Work?

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file.

  2. Go to the Customer Tab and click a specific Customer to bring up their detailed customer page.

  3. Select one or more documents (these can be invoices or sales orders) and click on the Collect Now button. You will get an option to choose a payment method - credit card or bank transfer.

    Note: Only Payment methods configured for your Account will be displayed. For example if only Credit Card is configured, then you will not see an option to use Bank Transfer.

    Once the payment details are captured and upon successful processing, a receipt confirmation page will be displayed in your ezyCollect UI. You will also receive a copy of this receipt in your email.

What if you already have a Direct Debit Authority for a customer? Can you still use the one-off Collect Now function?

Yes. For those customers who have provided Direct Debit Authority, the screen will also display the details of the payment method already saved. That way, you can either choose to use the saved details, or capture and use the new details as preferred by your customer.

For example, as an one-of, your customer may want to use a different credit card than the one currently saved in ezyCollect/Payrix as per their Direct Debit Authority.

Collect Now On-Demand for Sales Orders

If you're using MYOB Advanced, MYOB Exo or NetSuite, ezyCollect can now bring in your Sales Order data from your ERP. The Invoices section on your Customers page will now be under the umbrella Documents, with 2 tabs within the section - one for invoices, and the other for sales orders.

Note: Unlike invoices, only the numerical value pertaining to the Sales Order in your ERP (not the actual Sales Order itself) will be brought into ezyCollect. i.e. You won't be able to attach Sales Orders or include them in the Communication Workflow.

In this version, only full payment against sales orders is supported, and not partial payments.

Once payment is cleared, the information is written back against the corresponding Sales Order in MYOB Advanced / Oracle Netsuite. Please note that payment writeback for Sales Orders are not available yet in MYOB Exo.

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