The transaction dashboard is designed to allow ezyCollect clients who has ezyCollect Payments to view and manage transactions received through ezyCollect (Collect Now, Scheduled Payments, and Auto-Collect) or Simplypaid.

Note: Please note this will only show transactions made when you signed up to ezyCollect Payments.

How to view your Transactions Page

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file

  2. From the side menu, go to ezyCollect Payments then Transactions.

The transaction list contains details and status updates of transactions.

  • Amount - amount of the original paid transaction

  • Status - current status of transactions

    • Successful - Transactions received through ezyCollect payments successfully

    • Refunded - Transactions that have their amount fully refunded

    • Partial Refunded - Transactions that had their amount partially refunded

    • Failed - transactions that failed to go through

  • Transaction ID - transaction reference

  • Description - reference number/s of invoice/s paid

  • Customer - customer name

  • Status Date - current status update date

  • Transaction Date - original transacting processing date

Search bar

ezyCollect clients can filter the transaction list using the search bar and use the following parameters below:

  • Transaction ID

  • Description

  • Customer Name

To view how you can access and action transactions using the Refund functionality, click here.

Important notes:

  • Transaction Dashboard is only visible to ezyCollect clients with ezyCollect Payments

  • User access: you must have Manager level access within ezyCollect to view the Transaction Dashboard

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