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overview of your payment transactions within ezyCollect

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The transaction list page is designed to allow ezyCollect clients who has ezyCollect Payments to view and manage transactions received through ezyCollect (Collect Now, Scheduled Payments, and Auto-Collect) or Simplypaid.

Note: Please note this will only show transactions made when you have an ezyCollect Payments account. Contact to sign up.

How to view your Transactions Page

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file

  2. From the side menu, go to ezyCollect Payments then Transactions.

The transaction list contains details and status updates of transactions.

  • Status - current status of transactions

    • Processing - Transaction is being processed

    • Cleared - Transaction has been processed and the payment can be settled soon

    • Settled - Funds have been settled to your nominated settlement bank account

    • Processing Refund - Refund is being processed

    • Cleared Refund - Refund has been processed and ready to settle soon

    • Refunded - Refund settled and the amount is fully refunded

    • Partial Refund - Refund settled and the amount is partially refunded

    • Failed - Transaction failed to go through

  • Customer - customer name; also linked to customer within ezyCollect

  • Transaction ID - transaction reference

  • Description - reference number/s of invoice/s paid

  • Original Amount - amount of the transaction without fees [this may be the total of invoice/s, sales order/s or the specified amount]

  • Paid Amount - original amount plus any fees you pass to your customer

  • Status Date - date of last status update

  • Transaction Date - original transaction processing date

Search bar

ezyCollect clients can search the transaction list using the search bar and use the following parameters below:

  • Transaction ID

  • Description

  • Customer Name

  • Transaction Amount

The filter button on the upper right hand corner allows you to filter transactions list by different combinations.

Current filters available:

  • Transaction date - filter a range of transaction dates

  • Customer - for a specific customer or part of the name.

  • Status - filter by the status of the transaction

    • Processing - Transactions that are being processed / refunds that are being processed

    • Successful - Transactions received through ezyCollect payment provider successfully (i.e. cleared and settled)

    • Refunded - Transactions that have had their amounts fully or partially refunded (i.e. cleared refund; partial refunded; refunded)

    • Failed - Failed transactions; see full reasons of why transactions fail.

    • All - Showing all transaction statuses

  • Paid amount - filter a range of paid amounts [original amount requested plus surcharged fees if applicable]

Export Transaction List

[released 18/08/22]

ezyCollect users can apply relevant filters and extract the Transaction list to either Excel or CSV.

The exported list will contain all information that is visible the Transaction list page, but subject to the filters applied.

Sample Exported Transaction List

Actions button

ezyCollect user with manager access is able to see the Actions button on the right hand side.

You can process a refund by clicking on the actions button.

Failed Transactions

Failed transactions can happen on various reason. You can view in Transactions Page different reasons why transactions fail. Simply hover your mouse to transactions that have Failed Status and the reason will be displayed in a few seconds.

Some of the reasons why transactions failed and will be displayed:

  • Reason: Generic Decline
    Message: Your card was declined - No further details

  • Reason: Insufficient funds decline
    Message: Your card was declined - Insufficient funds

  • Reason: Lost card decline
    Message: Your card was declined - Lost card

  • Reason: Stolen card decline
    Message: Your card was declined - Stolen card

  • Reason: Expired card decline
    Message: Your card has expired - Expired card

  • Reason: Incorrect CVC decline
    Message: Your card's security code is incorrect - No further details

  • Reason: Processing error decline
    Message: An error occurred while processing your card - No further details

Similarly for bank transfers, reasons could be insufficient funds; invalid bsb number; account closed; account blocked, etc.

Note: If a refund failed, the status of the transaction changes back to settled with an alert icon next to it. Once again, hover your mouse over it and the reason will be displayed in a few seconds.

Who Can Access the Transaction List?

  • Transaction Dashboard is only visible to ezyCollect clients with ezyCollect Payments

  • Admin and manager users can access the Transaction list by default.

  • Standard and Call Center user can access the Transaction list (read only) according to the user configuration.

    If the “Transaction List - Ready Only Access” is Enabled

    1. The user can:

      1. Access the Transaction menu

      2. Can see all types of transactions

      3. Filter the transaction list

      4. Search on the transaction list

    2. The user can't:

      1. Export reports (Manager user only)

      2. Run any action (Manager user only)

    Note: By default, the “Transaction List - Ready Only Access” is Disabled meaning the standard/call centre user can not see the Transaction menu.

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