Collect Now vs Auto Collect

What are the differences and how should I use them?

Collect Now requires you to login to ezyCollect, select invoices for a particular customer and click on the "Collect Now" button to initiate payment collection. Alternatively, you may wish to use the "Payment Scheduler" to schedule future payments. Whilst these payments will automatically run on the set date in the future, it still requires you to manually schedule the payment in ezyCollect.

Auto Collect schedules payments automatically for invoices based on its due date. A service will run periodically in ezyCollect to check if there are new invoices generated. Upon identifying new invoices that have not been scheduled yet, the service will automatically schedule the invoices for collection based on their respective due dates.

On the date, ezyCollect will automatically trigger a payment request, and upon successful payment, automatically allocate payment against the corresponding invoice and notify both the customer and client. In case the payment fails, this too will trigger a notification to both the customer and the client.

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