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ezyCollect Payment's WooCommerce Integration
ezyCollect Payment's WooCommerce Integration

Integrate your ecommerce to ezyCollect Payments and streamline your payments

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  1. You will need to have an ezyCollect Payments Account to get started with the WooCommerce integration. If you do not have an account yet, please contact .
    โ€‹*Additional costs may apply for non-ezyCollect users.

  2. You will need to get the ezyCollect Payments plugin plus the Simlypaid API token, these will be provided by your customer success manager. Please contact to get this.

Plugin Install

To install the plugin, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the Plugins menu and click Add New. On the upper right hand, click on the Upload button.

  2. Drag and Drop the ezyCollect payments plugin file here.

3. Once plugin is successfully installed, you will see the (sample) screenshot below. and able to configure it's settings (provided you have have admin user access).

Configure ezyCollect Payments Gateway settings

The following fields are available for configuration:


Enable/Disable ezyCollect Payment Gateway.


This field controls the title the user sees during checkout


This controls the description which the user sees during checkout.

Test mode

If enabled, when the user checks out they are redirected to the sandbox environment where you can use test cards.

Otherwise the user is redirect to the live environment.


The logo to be displayed on the checkout.

Header Colour

Checkout header colour

Accent Colour

Payment button colour

Second Colour

Back button colour

Test Private Key

ezyCollect Payments key for the sandbox environment - used when Test Mode is checked

Live Private Key

ezyCollect Payments key for the live environment - used when Test Mode is NOT checked

Video Guideline:

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