Save Credit Cards

Allows your customers to save their credit cards for a better payments experience and ease of use when paying for invoices in the future.

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Launch Date: 25 May 2023

The save credit cards feature allows your customers to save their credit cards in the Simplypaid payment portal. It enables your customers to pay their invoice(s) more efficiently, without having to manually input their card details each time and thus saving time and also reducing human error.

Pre-requisite: The Save Credit Cards feature is only available if you're using ezyCollect Payments. To change your existing Payments Provider to ezyCollect Payments or if you are not sure and want to speak with someone, please contact

Important Note: This feature is enabled by default to all ezyCollect Payments Australian clients. If you would like to disable (or enable again) this feature, please check out this guideline.

New User Sign Up

By default, an User (existing or new) will need to firstly create a login on Simplypaid in order to use the save credit card feature.

Upon initial login, the User (your customer) will be prompted to create a new account.

Upon clicking "Sign Up", an one-time-password (OTP) is sent to the User's email address for verification.

Once confirmed, a message will pop up to confirm the sign up and log in.

Note: Two-factor authentication (2FA) is mandatory as a part of the sign up as well as each time an User attempts to log in. The same occurs when the User selects "forgot password" upon login to reset their password.

How it Works

Save Credit Card

When an User selects the invoice(s) they want to pay and click Pay Now, they will be directed to input their credit card information (as usual) but now with an option to "save card for future payments".

Once paid, they will see the saved credit card (last 4 digits) in the credit card tab the next time they go to make payment. If they elect to use this saved card, it'll take them straight to the receipt confirmation page without them having to enter the same credit card details again.

Use a different Card

Users can save multiple credit cards - maximum up to 5. Simply click on choose another card when making payment, select use another card, Pay Now and they'll be prompted to once again fill in the new card details and to save it for future payments.

When the User goes back to make future payments via credit card, they will see all saved cards displayed when they click on choose another card. In the example above, we can see that the Mastercard ending in #4444 can now be selected for payment.

You can save up to maximum 5 cards and the first credit card you input will always be the default card.

New Users

For any new Users who have not set up their Simplypaid login, they will be directed to the following payment confirmation page after they've made payment. They will see the option to save their credit card and create their login/account at the same time.

Create Login

How to enable and disable this feature?

This feature is enabled by default if you are an ezyCollect payments user.

To disable (or enable) this at any time:

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file.

  2. From the Settings menu, go to Payments Settings.

  3. Scroll down to Payment Portal Settings --> Allow Customers to Save Credit Cards

  4. Click Edit and then choose Disabled and click Save or Cancel. This is only available for ezyCollect manager users.

If Save Credit Cards was enabled before and you have customers who saved credit cards during the process and you decided to disable this feature, your customer/s wont be able to access this anymore. However, once enabled again they will be able to login and access their saved credit cards.

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