Postal Letters are a great way to capture the attention of your late paying debtors!

To get started with this option, simply let our team know, and we'll sort out the rest of the work! Postal Letters are included on a pricing scheme as outlined below.

Postal Letters:

Within Australia

  • Starting from $2.15 inc GST up to 7 pages

  • $0.25 inc GST/letter returned


Price with GST

Regular Small Letter B & W up to 7 pages 1.27


Regular Large Letter B & W up to 19 pages 2.87


Regular Large Letter B & W up to 43 pages 3.84


Regular Large Letter B & W up to 90 pages 5.48


Within New Zealand

  • $2.60 no GST/letter posted up to 7 pages

The fee per postal letter covers the cost of printing your letter, putting it into an envelope, and mailing it off with a postage stamp!

Once we have processed your request, you'll be able to switch your invoice reminders to the Postal reminder type!

*All prices are expressed in $AUD and will be added to your billing subscription
For postal rates for letters sent internationally, please contact our customer success team at

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