What is Credit Limit?

A credit limit refers to the maximum amount of credit (in $ or other currency) that a business wishes to extend to a  particular customer. Credit Limit in ezyCollect is visible in each of your individual customer's page. To prevent unnecessary cash flow losses from your business, it is important to set a credit limit for each customer and then monitor their usage.

What is Credit Limit Usage?

The percentage of your customer's available credit limit that they have used. Credit Limit usage is now visible from a number of pages in ezyCollect.

  • Company Pulse Dashboard 

  • Customers Page 

  • Each Customer's Page 

How does it work? 

For Xero and MYOB Essentials

MYOB AccountRight Live, AccountRight Premier, Advanced and EXO 

  • Credit limit is driven in your accounting software and this is transferred across to your ezyCollect account. 

  • You cannot make any changes to the credit limit in your ezyCollect file; this will have to be done through your accounting software. 

Credit Limit Usage will help you manage your debtors and focus on the ones that are nearing their credit limit. To share insights with your team, you can simply click to get a Detailed Customer Report to get an overview on all customers' credit limit usage.

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