Activity History

Each customer's page lists a complete history of automated communications and user-generated communications to debtors. 

ezyCollect automatically logs the following activities for you, by date:

  • All scheduled communications generated by ezyCollect (i.e. follow-up emails, sms, call tasks, monthly statements).

  • Notes such as customer status change (excluding, pausing or activating a customer), and invoice exclusion and inclusion

  • Chat messages from your debtor via Simplypaid payment hub page 

To include a user-generated activity in your activity history, you can log an activity.

 Log Activity  

Use this feature to log manual activities initiated by ezyCollect users, for example: emails to debtors outside of the automated workflow, extra phone calls made, calls received from debtors, notes on your debtor's payment schedule etc.

  1. Click Log Activity button in the top right of your Activity History page  

  2. In the New Activity pop-up age, select the type of activity you are logging: a new communication, or a general note.

  3.  Add a description and details of your entry.

  4. Click Log Activity  to save your entry. 

 Search Activity  History

All users can see a complete list of communications and notes in the activity history. By default, the system shows you 10 records per page, but you can increase this.

Users can also view All Activities, or refine to Show Communications (emails, sms etc) and Show Notes.

 The search field also allows users to search by any description, note content, activity date, recorded by, email recipient,  and oldest invoice.


  • All manually logged activities can be viewed and deleted by all ezyCollect users in your company.

  • Manually logged activities will be displayed in the Detailed Customer Report (if it's the last communication and notes added).

*Please clear your cache to see this new feature.

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