EXO Activity Write-Back - Recorded Features
ezyCollect records all the communications that are sent out from the system as well as manually added communications by users. ezyCollect understands that you'd also like to make these activities visible to other users of your accounting software, hence EXO Activity writeback is introduced. 

How does it work? 

1. All activity recorded in ezyCollect’s “Activity History” will automatically be transferred back to EXO within the “History Notes” tab. This includes both automated communications as well as all manual communications. 

a. If the sync is not enabled, any activity logged during this time will not be written back to EXO until turned back on.

b. It will not sync historical information when first switched on.

c. Notes sync every 30-60 seconds independent of invoice automatic sync times.

d. All activities recorded: 

  • 1st to 6th Reminder follow ups, 

  • Email confirming call

  • Demand Letter

  • Debt Collector

  • Monthly Client Statement

  • Invoice copy

  • Manually added communication

  • On-demand email 

  • Thank you email

  • Error email (bounce back)

  • Pre-reminder notification

  • New invoice notification 

  • Invoice inclusion

  • Customer status change

  • Message from Simplypaid portal (from your debtors)

  • Manual note

2. Any communications that are written back to EXO will also include the details of the user that made the changes. This is embedded at the end of the subject header in EXO. This is recorded in order for you to track any new, edited or deleted communications. If the communication was an automated message, it will include “System” in the subject header.

Please note that an 80 character limit applies to the subject header and a 4000 limit applies to the communication body.

3. If a communication is deleted in ezyCollect, we will not physically delete this same message from EXO, instead it will record “Deleted” in the subject header. 

Any deleted communications will also include a separate log under it in EXO, stating the original message, the user that deleted and the timestamp of deletion.

4. If there are any delays in the write-back due to Exo or ezyCollect, the system will attempt to resend up to 10 times (2 x daily - 9am - 6pm).

Please note also:
a. We monitor any sync errors and investigate immediately.
b. Communications will still be written back even if debtor is paused or excluded.

5. If there are invoices/statements included in your communications as linked attachments they will be included as a HTML line in the notes within EXO.

Please note:
a. You are able to copy and paste this HTML line into an internet browser to view.
b. Payment tables will be included in the message body, however the layout will differ slightly from ezyCollect.

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