When your file first syncs with ezyCollect, we bring across all your customers and debtors which can be found in the Customers tab. 

Customers who have open invoices
As ezyCollect aims to make things easier, we have applied a filter "balance owing is greater than 0" so that it will only show the customers with open invoices. This is the default setting applied in your ezyCollect account.  

How to view all my customers/debtors in ezyCollect

If you wish to see your customers that do not have any open invoices, you can simply remove this filter by doing these steps:

  1. Go to Customers Page

  2. Just above the customers' list, you will see the default filter(balance owing is greater than 0) in place

  3. Remove this by click the "X" on the orange box

  4. This will show you all historical customers/debtors whether they are active or inactive in your accounting software 

Note: If you have setup a special filter* not to sync or bring across selected customers/debtors in ezyCollect, then they will not appear in the Customers page regardless of the filter set. 

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