Editing ezyCollect e-mail templates allows you to switch to "HTML" code which in turn gives you more flexibility in designing your templates.

To insert an image, here are the basic steps:
1.) You will need to resize your image accordingly
2.) Choose an image hosting website and upload the image (ie. imagebb, imageshack, etc.)
3.) Once completed, you will be assigned a link for your image, copy the link and insert it into this code:

<img src="URL" width="XXX" height="XXX"/>

Where URL is the link assigned for your uploaded image;
Where XXX is any whole number;

4.) Login to your ezyCollect software and go to Communication Rules (left-hand panel)
5.) Click on the "Edit" button beside the communication template you wish to embed your image.
6.) On the menu toolbar click the button "< >"

7.) A pop-up window will appear with the HTML code representation of your template. You can now insert the HTML code above ("img src") anywhere in this pop-up window. Please note that HTML code tags always starts with "<" and ends with "/>"

IMPORTANT NOTE: In rare cases, e-mails that have embedded images gets tagged as spam/junk or sometimes blocked. Please note the risk of having your e-mails blocked if external images aside from the uploaded company logo are embedded.

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