ezyCollect users receives different email alert and notifications depending on what they are subscribed to. You can also enable and disable different users who has access to your ezyCollect file.

Different Alerts:

1. Send Alerts to - get notified when these thing occur in your ezyCollect account

  • when customer status is changed (pause, exclude or activate) 

  • email summary of communications to be sent on the day 

  • questions and comments from the payment portal (if you have Simplypaid activated) 

2. Call Summary Notification - get an email of the list of customers that fall into the Call Follow-up stage/ first thing in the morning. You can also view this list in Your Task page when logged in to your ezyCollect account.

3. Debt Collection Alerts - get an email alert on the list of customers that are now outside of your automated follow-ups or by default the setting is 60 days overdue. These customers are usually in demand letter or debt collection stage. You can also view this list in your Red Zone customers list from the Dashboard in Company Pulse when logged in to your ezyCollect account 

4. Subscribe to Receivable Risk Report (available for Credit Insights only) - get an email report with the summary of your current outstanding per credit risk group and the top credit risks assessed by ezyCollect.

5. Send Credit Monitoring Notification Summary (available for Credit Insights only) - get an daily email alert (at 8am AEST) which show all updates on customer changes included in your monitoring. See more here in Credit Monitoring.

6. Receive payments receipt notification - you get bcc'd for all the payment receipts as your customer/s pay you via Simplypaid. You get notified of payments right away via email.

User Status:

  • Enable - user is enabled and can access your ezyCollect file

  • Disable - disable user access when your staff changes or no longer need access to your ezyCollect file.

Refund Permission* [only available if you have ezyCollect Payments]

  • Enable

  • Disable

*this can only be enabled by the ezyCollect team, provided we receive an email from the authorised contact in your company giving you access to this.

You can select or unselect, the different alerts, notifications and reports you as a user will receive.

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