ezyCollect can now be setup for different contacts per customer, depending on the types of communications that you would like each to receive.

If you have certain customer contact/s that prefer to have Invoices received to one email contact (i.e Accounts Team) and a secondary contact who will receive only the Monthly Statement (i.e Credit Controller), this option is now available.

How do I set this up?

Step 1: Login to your ezyCollect account, then go to Communication Rules. 

On the upper right hand corner, you can enable Advanced Settings. 

Basic Settings below: 

Advanced Settings enabled below 

Step 2: Select the applicable customer contact tag that you want to use, for the correct communication recipient.

For example: 'Receive Invoices' tag, will need to be selected on the 'New Invoices' in the Communication workflow. 

If there's no contact tagged as the one selected, it will fall back to the default one which is Receive All Communications.

Step 3: This customer contact tag in your advanced communication settings will now is be in use for any customer contact/s within your same ezyCollect Instance.

What Tags can I use?

There are 5 tags available for use in the 'Advanced Communications'.

  • Receive All Communications (Set by Default)

  • Receive Invoices

  • Receive Statements

  • Receive Thank You Email

  • Escalation Contact 

Each tag is intended for allocation to the corresponding communication title (i.e New Invoices to be assigned to the 'New Invoice' communication in the workflow, ). However, you can interchangeable use them depending on where (contacts) you want the communications to be sent to. 

Important Step: Once you have enabled the advanced communication settings, you can start tagging relevant customer contacts to apply for your new settings - please see Customer Contact Tagging. 

 If you have done the customer contact tagging, then ensure that you follow the steps above to enable and use them in your communications workflow. 

If I don't need the setup offered in the Advanced Workflow does this change anything?

If you don't currently need your different communication types to be sent to separate contacts you will not need to do anything. Your normal customer contacts will still be setup as the main email recipients.

Video Guideline:

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