You can use this feature if you have agreed with your customers or team that some customers should not receive automated follow-up reminders. 

  1. Click Customers from the left hand menu.
  2. Click into the tick box next to a customer's name to select them for exclusion. 
  3. Go to Actions drop down menu and click Exclude Customer. 
  4. Type in the reason for exclusion (do this so all users will know why some customers are excluded) and click Exclude

You'll see that all customers who are excluded are marked with a red box.

When you Exclude customers they wont receive the following: 

  • Automated reminders in the communication workflow (1st follow up, 2nd follow up, etc) 
  • Monthly statements 
  • Thank you emails 
  • New Invoice and Pre-reminders (before invoice is due) - but in this category there is the ability to include and send to Paused or Excluded customer if you wish. 

If you would like to bulk activate these customers, then you can follow this guideline.

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