In the Company Pulse, you will see his a group of customers under Red Zone Customers. These customers are by default* have invoice(s) that is 60 days overdue and are at an increased risk of default due to the ageing of their invoice.

ezyCollect will also send an email report of the list of customers called Red Zone Alert; this is sent on a fortnightly basis. This report is a good reference to to look at debtors who are going on or above 60-day lateness. This report is sent to  nominated users who opt to receive email notification 'Debt Collection Alerts". [You can setup to receive this notification, learn here}

Sample Red Zone report email

It's a good idea for your staff to determine an action plan for each debtor on the Red Zone list. Don't let them slip away!

Aim to make a collection by:

  1. Sending a manual email reminder from the Customer page in ezyCollect.

  2. Call the customer and organise different payment options like bank transfer, credit card payments and pay by instalment via Simplypaid.

  3.  If you have tried and the debtor is still unresponsive, it's time to send a demand letter or perhaps escalate to debt collection. Why wait? The chart below has a few useful statistics.

Note: *Default setting of 60 days in Red Zone customers can be change according to your preference.

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