Give your reminder emails that professional yet personal company touch and make them look like they come from you. Inserting your logo into your ezyCollect follow-up emails is a simple and quick two-step process!  

Step 1: Upload your logo (located in company details).

Step 2: Add the logo to the follow-up templates provided.

  1. First ensure that your logo has been inserted into your ezyCollect company data. This can be done by making sure that your logo appears when you are logging in.

Logo not uploaded:
There will be a blank spot when you login (Please see below).

Logo uploaded:
Once your logo is uploaded your login screen should look like this. 

If your logo has not been uploaded, here's how you do it:

Login to ezyCollect. First click on  Company Details (left menu)

Find Logo and click the Edit button

Choose the File and Click Save

You should see a small version of your logo once the action is completed.

Step 2 of 2 Adding your logo to your outgoing communication. 

  1. Navigate to Settings  and click on Communication Rules as seen below.

  2. Click View and Edit next to the reminder email you are customising. 

  3. From My Details on the right hand side of the screen, choose Logo and by a drag and drop process, you can place your logo in the template.

  4. Click Preview to see template updated with your logo.

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