When we sync your customers* to ezyCollect, there are 3 different statuses that they can fall into:

  1. Active - by default this is the customer status of all your customers in ezyCollect regardless of their statuses in your accounting or ERP software. When a customer is Active, it means it will receive any scheduled automated reminders and on-demand reminders.

  2. Pause - this status means that the customer is temporarily on-hold for receiving any schedule automated reminders and on-demand reminders. There's a resume date where the status will automatically change to Active. Learn how to Pause a customer here.

  3. Exclude - this status means that customer is excluded from receiving any scheduled automated reminders and on-demand reminders indefinitely. You will need to active the customer again if you wish to resume any communications coming from ezyCollect. Learn how to Exclude a customer here.

Important Notes:

  • *By default we will sync all customers from your accounting/ERP software, unless you have a preferred list/criteria based on customers you want to bring in. There's also some ERP specific criteria like JCurve/NetSuite on the customer statuses that we sync to ezyCollect.

  • All customer status changes from Active to Pause or Exclude will be recorded in the Activity History under the specific customer .

Different Indicators of Customer Statuses

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