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Credit Application Form Template
Credit Application Form Template

view and check the steps that your prospect/customer goes through when filling in the credit application form

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This article will show the different sections of your online credit application form. These are the steps that your prospect/customer that will go through when they start and complete the form.

You can also view of a sample online credit Application form here:

Online Credit Application Form

Introduction Page

Once your prospect starts filling the form, the form will navigate them through six (6) different parts of if: Company Info; Contacts; Addresses; Directors Details; Trade References and Documents.

Company Info

Your prospect can type in the ABN or NZBN and it will auto-populate relevant details

Your prospect has to inform the nature of their business and the number of employees before moving forward.


The prospects have to inform at least 1 contact with Full name, email address, and mobile number. They also have the option to add one more contact.


There are 2 addresses that the prospect has to inform: the registered address and the billing address. They can easily use the same address filled in the registered address in the billing address.

Director Details

The prospect has to inform at least 1 director of details.

Trade References

The prospect can provide up to three trade references but only one is mandatory.


The prospect has to upload the ID verification - a driver’s license for example.

Director’s Guarantee

Once the Director's Guarantee document is configured, the prospect will be able to view the Director's Guarantee field in the Documents tab on the form, where it will be possible to download the document and after uploading the signed document.

You may upload the director's guarantee document through the Credit Application Settings. (You may check this article on how to Configure your online Credit Application Form)

Only after uploading the Director Guarantee document does the system display the option to choose whether the field should be mandatory or not.

If you do not upload the director's guarantee document, the Director's Guarantee field on the Form will be displayed as "Other documents", where the prospect can upload any document.

The final step is to review and Confirm all the details in the application form and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Once your prospect/customer clicks the Confirm button, you will receive an email confirmation.

Your customers can also download the completed Credit Application form in a PDF format. The form contains:

  • All information filled on the Credit Application form

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Signer (who filled the application form)

When submitting a Credit Application, the system automatically sends a copy of the PDF file to the prospect and you via email.

Partially completed application - Continue filling out the form at a later time

Once the company info is completed, the prospect can choose to continue filling out the form at a later time during their application. Once they hit "save draft", a window will pop up asking them to provide an email address to which the form link will then be sent to.

When accessing the link via email, your prospect/customer will access the form with all the information that was previously filled in.

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