What is the ezyCollect Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is aimed at rewarding affiliate partners for lead referrals. It’s a program open to any individuals or companies who’s keen to share ezyCollect with AR professionals or accountants or businesses that could benefit from better cash flow and greater efficiency in their AR process.

More information here and how to sign up: https://www.ezycollect.com.au/affiliate-program/


  1. How does it work?

    Once you become an Affiliate, you will be eligible for a unique link that you can share with your network. When a referral of yours signs up using the unique link, you will be rewarded by ezyCollect.

  2. How do I become an Affiliate Partner?

    Simply sign up by filling out the Affiliate Partner application form through this link.

    1. Fill out a simple registration form to join the program.

    2. Once approved, you will receive a unique link from Partnerstack

    3. Share your link to your accounting professionals network or businesses that will benefit from ezyCollect

    4. Get rewarded for each signup!

  3. What if I'm already an ezyCollect client/user, can I sign up to become an Affiliate Partner?

    If you are an existing client/user but would like to refer leads, please refer to the Client Ambassador Program here.

  4. Where can I get my unique referral link?

    Your unique referral link will be generated automatically on your affiliate dashboard once your application to join the program has been approved. You can also find it on the Summary section of your dashboard on the affiliate platform.

  5. Are resources available to use?

    Yes. Assets are uploaded in the affiliate dashboard and ready to utilize.

  6. Where can I share or promote?

    You may share your referral link through an organic channel or owned channels such as email, social media, IM apps, or any other mode that works for you.

    You can also submit your referrals directly through the refer a lead page > https://www.ezycollect.com.au/affiliate-program/-register-a-lead/

    What is excluded: Paid search traffic and/or bidding on keywords on Google or Bing search, using any advertising which would promote these links in competition with ezyCollect

  7. When do I get paid?

    Payments are made to affiliates after their referral has subscribed and paid ezyCollect. Commissions will be credited to your Affiliate account on Partnerstack and will be paid out to you after 30 days.

  8. How do I get paid?

    When you sign up as an Affiliate, the Partnerstack platform will ask for your payment preference. At the end of each month, your rewards are calculated and available for cash-out via PayPal or Stripe (alternative methods available for non-PayPal regions).

  9. How do we attribute your signups?

    We use cookies to track your referrals from your unique referral link. Every visit that hits the site from your referral link is tracked to you - and form submissions get connected to your referral tracking link. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days start again.

  10. What if the client I refer chooses to cancel their subscription?

    Your commission is based on the subscription fee that the client pays us and for the term of your referral’s subscription with ezyCollect. If a customer cancels their subscription, Affiliates will stop receiving future commissions but will retain the fees they have earned from what their referral has already paid.

  11. Can I register an Affiliate account for one company?

    Yes. An Affiliate account can be created for an individual/user or for a company. You may opt to use the name of the company upon signing up for an account.

  12. Does my referral need to subscribe to all of ezyCollect’s products to be rewarded?

    No, your referral may get a subscription plan for any one or all of ezyCollect’s products - ezyCollect Workflows, Credit Insights & Credit Applications or Simplypaid. Commission is paid on the subscription fees only - it excludes installation fees, transaction fees, GST, or any other fees.

  13. How does my referral qualify for a reward?

    The referral fees apply for leads/companies who:

    • Are not already existing clients of ezyCollect

    • Are not existing leads already in our sales process

    • Are not part of the UBT group - as all UBT group companies are covered by the UBT Group Buying Program

    Note: The referral program is not a pyramid scheme or similar, you are only rewarded if your referred lead signs up to ezyCollect - not for further referrals by a lead you refer to us.

    Eg: If John Smith refers Jane Doe, and Jane Doe signs up to ezyCollect - then John Smith gets paid 15% of Jane’s subscription fee.

    If Jane Doe then refers someone else, John Smith doesn’t get 15% of that next referral - only Jane Doe would qualify for that reward if Jane Doe is a member of the Client Ambassador Program or Affiliate Partner Program.

Important Note: Please read through the details and terms and conditions of ezyCollect's Affiliate Program here.

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