What is Collect Now?

via saved Credit Cards or Bank Details

Collect Now allows you to collect payments from your customers proactively rather than being at the mercy of your customers to pay you. You simply select the due / overdue invoices, and with a click of a button, collect the amount owed by your customer. Your customer's saved credit card / bank account is automatically debited and once the funds are cleared, it is auto-allocated back to your Accounting Software resulting in an easy, timely and hassle free transaction.

How to enable Collect Now?

Pre-requisites: you must be using ezyCollect Payments or Payrix

First, you will need to acquire Direct Debit Authority from your existing customers. Please see this guideline: How to acquire Direct Debit Authority

If you have an existing list of eDDA acquired from Payrix, please reach out to customersuccess@ezycollect.com.au and our team will assist you.

How to check if customers have DDA acquired or not acquired?

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file.

  2. Click the Customer Tab. The green $ icon indicates the DDA is acquired. The orange envelope icon indicates the DDA is not.

    You can apply the filter by DDA (Acquired) to quickly identify those that you can collect payments using Collect Now.

    Alternatively, you can click into the individual customer name. This action opens up their customer details page and on the right hand side of the screen, you'll see the applicable DDA status / action.

How to use Collect Now?

  1. Login to your ezyCollect file.

  2. On the Customer Tab, select your customer by clicking into the customer name. This action opens up their customer details page.

  3. Scroll down to the invoice list, select the open invoice/s and click on the Collect Now button. The same can be done for Sales Orders if you're an MYOB Advanced, Exo or NetSuite user (Note: Payment write-back for Sales Orders under MYOB Exo is not currently supported).

    A confirmation screen shows next providing more details about the payment method:

    a) If the payment method is Credit Card, the confirmation screen displays the Name on the card, last 4 digits and expiry date.

    b) If it's Bank Transfer, it will show the name of the account, redacted bank account no. and branch no.

  4. Once you have clicked Collect Now, a green “$“ icon is displayed against the invoice to indicate that a payment is in progress.

    NOTE: Processing does not happen instantly, especially if the amount is being debited from your customer’s bank account. The selected invoices remain frozen (un-selectable and un-actionable) on the ezyCollect UI for 2 days. Within 2 days if the invoices are paid, they are dropped in ezyCollect (upon the next successful sync). If the invoices remain open after 2 days, then it is assumed that the payment was not successful, therefore the invoices are activated again and communication workflow resumes.

  5. You can also schedule a payment for a future date. This means you no longer have to log in every time to click Collect Now. You can just plan to schedule your collections for all outstanding invoices in a single go and it'll all happen automatically on the scheduled date.

    Select the invoice(s), click "Schedule Payment" and enter the date you want.

    Once scheduled, a little calendar icon will appear next to the invoice. Hover your mouse over it and it'll show the date this invoice is scheduled to be debited automatically.

  6. Notification for successful and failed collections - If the payment fails for any reason, a notification is sent your customer alerting them about the failure so that they can initiate manual payment if need be. If successful, you customer will receive a remittance confirmation.

    Side Note: If you have another payment Merchant Provider, please refer to: Collect Now On-Demand (without eDDA)

Cancel DDA within ezyCollect

You can cancel the DDA of your customers on their request. Once cancelled, in order to activate the authority again, your customer has to submit a new Electronic Direct Debit Request (EDDR) form.

In the Customer's detailed record, under Direct Debit Authority click "cancel authority" and confirm. The customer's status is automatically updated in Payrix.

Note: While all users can view the DDA status of each customer within the account, Collect Now operation can be executed only by Manager users. This is done for security purposes. If you need your user access to be updated, please send an email to CS at customersuccess@ezycollect.com.au.

Collect Now for Sales Orders

If you're using MYOB Advanced, MYOB Exo or NetSuite, ezyCollect can now bring in your Sales Order data from your ERP. The Invoices section on your Customers page will now be under the umbrella Documents, with 2 tabs within the section - one for invoices, and the other for sales orders.

Note: Unlike invoices, only the numerical value pertaining to the Sales Order in your ERP (not the actual Sales Order itself) will be brought into ezyCollect. i.e. You won't be able to attach Sales Orders or include them in the Communication Workflow.

In this version, only full payment against sales orders is supported, and not partial payments.

Once payment is cleared, the information is written back against the corresponding Sales Order in MYOB Advanced / Oracle Netsuite. Please note that payment writeback for Sales Orders are not available yet in MYOB Exo.

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